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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Endometrial Biospy . . . . Check

So today was the Endometrial Biopsy that I have so nervously awaited. The official ending of the mock cycle. I've asked many people what I am going to expect. All everyone said was "some abdominal cramping" So I took Ibuprofen 600mg before the appointment and headed upstairs. When I was called back to the room and was told "undress from the waist down". Then procedure was not near as bad as I had made it in my head. It felt very similar to a pap smear except when the took the sample of the endometrial lining. That was a odd pressure/ cramping feeling. But not bad at all.

So the procedure is complete as with the mock cycle. Now onto better things. . . the Real Cycle and baby making time.

Oh yeah the Thyroid results. I received the TSH results. They started around 9 and now they are down to 5.323. Which is a good thing but we still need them to be lower. So my Synthroid was increased to 88mcg daily. So we will recheck labs in 4 weeks and keep your fingers crossed that they will be within normal range.

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