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I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years this November. I have three energetic kiddos ages 12,10, and 6. I have had one successful gestational surrogate experience and am currently working on journey #2..

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home

So I have to say I had a blast in Boston. My IPs were so awesome and showed us the best time. So MJ and I woke up bright and early this morning. Our flight flew out at 9:00am and we wanted to be there in plenty of time so we go there around 7:30. We got bags checked, boarding passes printed, and was off to find a Starbucks:). We boarded our plane as scheduled and the Boston to Houston trip was relaxing and Uneventful (PTL) but once we arrived to Houston it was another story. Now if you have ever been to Houston airport then you understand how huge and crazy it is. We had to get from C terminal to B terminal in 45 min!!!! I was very out of breath by the time we got there. The plane I was scheduled it get on was running late (again PTL) because that meant that I was able to grab a burger so I do didn't starve. :) So here I sit on my flight from Houston to Fayetteville. And I am so ready to see my family. 

As far as the post transfer symptoms, I have had some mild cramping( a lot less severe than the last transfer). So I continue to pray that he protects and helps grow this sweet baby. 

 I knew the transfer would come and go quickly. But what I Wasn't prepared for was how hard it was to say good bye to them at the airport. Knowing that we would either see each other in 3 months or we would never see each other again. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. 

So that was my eventful weekend. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy T Day

So the big day has come but I want to rewind and talk about last night first.

 It was recommended that we do acupuncture pre transfer and post. I was very nervous going into this, since I had never had it and I'm not a huge fan of needles. So we went and did the acupuncture last night and I have to say I am a believer now. It was not painful at all and I slept so well last night. 

This morning we were instructed to be at te IVF clinic at 10:30 and transfer at 11:00. I was instructed to take first Valium at 10:00 and second at 10:30 and like before 32 oz of water for a nice full bladder.

We were called back promptly at 11:00 and was taken to change clothes. This time we had a nice surprise and both IPs were able to come back to the transfer room, which I think was awesome. 

Like before I was placed on a table with stirrups where I placed my legs. They checked to make sure my bladder was full enough(which it was) then they took one last look at the embro babies before being transferred. They then transferred them without any problems. I have to say this time was so much more emotional. 

After the transfer I was moved to a recliner and was instructed to stay lying back for about 10 min before getting up. After the 10 min I was released to go relieve my bladder (whew). 

I was instructed by the acupuncturist to eat only hot foods today and room temp liquids to drink. So that is what I shall do. Nice warm pizza for lunch it is:) We will have the blood test in 2 weeks to check my beta hcg levels. So everyone please continue to pray for us.

So that was our very eventfly day that was followed with a day of lying around and a nice nap. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Viva la Boston

I am actually typing this en route to Boston on the airplane :) so this time around due to personal reasons my husband could not attend with me. So what's better than bringing my best friend and having a girls get away and mini catch up session. Although I am super excited about seeing MJ This will be my first time flying solo and anyone who knows me knows how VERY nervous and slightly anxious about it. I am leaving from bentonville and heading to Houston to meet her then together we are en route to Boston. 

My husband helped me get my bag checked in and then he saw me off. I made it though security and got on  the plan and only had 1 almost "moment" but I didn't and I have to say we are half way to Houston and it's not so bad. Seeing the sun rise from this angle is beautiful. It makes me look back on its surrogate journey thus far. Starting to journey I was terrified of getting shots- overcame that, terrified of flying - overcame that. It has been a real growing experience and I get tearful just thinking about it. 

I get the question all the time " Why would you go though all of this just to be pregnant for someone else" And my answer is simple. " why not" I personally felt a strong calling to be a surrogate and I knew it was something that I was called to do. Some people don't understand and will never understand but that's ok. It does not hurt my feelings. Just know that is so important to me. I have been an open book throughout this journey and will always continue to be. I answer any questions honestly that people ask and I feel that overall I have everyone's support and that is all I ask. 

Saying that I realized I never told y'all the T day. tomorrow.... Yup that's right 10/25/13. That is our transfer day and I couldn't be more excited. More details to come ....about to land

Nice and fluffy

Ok I have to start out by saying I am so sorry for being MIA lately. Between my sons baseball fall ball and travel team oh and not to mention work. I have been super busy. Saying that it is time to do some serious updating.

 I have been taking my cycle meds as scheduled. We did the same medication with this cycle as with cycle #1. Thank goodness I didn't have bad migraines this time around. My last day for the Lupron SC injections was Monday :) Although I was happy to see them go I knew it was time to start the Big Daddy injections the famous PIO ( progesterone in oil). These are the injections that have a lot larger needle and must go in the booty. So I started those Tuesday and so far so good. I am just thankful that I have a husband that will do them because I don't think I could give myself the injections.

I went in Monday for my ultrasound to make sure that my uterine lining was nice and fluffy for the embryo babies would have a comfy home. The requirement for transfer is 7. The day of the ultrasound I am usually so nervous trying to give my uterus a pep talk. I know it sounds crazy but so far it has worked :) Lol so in cycle #1 my lining was 7.1( whew barely passed that one)  this time around my uterine lining was 9.3!!!!! Whoop whoop. I was on cloud nine. So looking like everything is a good with the transfer. 

Keep an eye out for my blog will be a week of updates :) thank everyone for taking the time out and reading my blog and please continue to pray for my journey:)