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I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years this November. I have three energetic kiddos ages 12,10, and 6. I have had one successful gestational surrogate experience and am currently working on journey #2..

Monday, April 22, 2013

We are Matched. We are Matched. We are Matched.

So I received the good news that we are officially Matched!!! yeah.  The IPs are so sweet and so much like us. I think we will forsure become lifelong friends. I have been set up with a Journey Coordinator who will help me to schedule trips and set things up during this journey. Let's see the next BIG step is to fly (which I am slightly nervous about. I have not been on an airplane since my mission trip to Romania. eek so just say a prayer for me) to Boston for my medical screening and signing the final carrier agreement between me and the IPs. The Medical Screening consist of Blood work from me and my husband and ultrasound. Oh and the most important part. . . . . .Meeting the IPS in person. How exciting is that.!!!

Q&A time: I will try to answer some of the questions that people have asked me:
-I have had many people ask the question "How are you not going to be attached to the baby" That question I cannot answer since this is my first journey but I can say that I have prayed about this long before I decided to do this.  I have the pleasure of going through this journey with an awesome couple that are unable to do this on their own. Just call me the babies first babysitter :) I cannot wait for the IPs to see their first positive pregnancy test, babies first picture on ultrasound, and of coarse see their face when they get to see and hold THEIR baby at delivery.  I mean the thought of all this just literally makes me smile just thinking about it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Super. Duper. Excited.

So we heard back from Kelly and she said that they liked our profile and set up a time for us to Skype with them. So we got to meet them for the first time(via Skype) tonight. They were so sweet and super easy to talk to. We knew immediately that this is a perfect match. We got to talk with them for a little while and just got to hear their story and get to know them better. So I emailed Kelly and let her know that we want to 100% proceed with this super sweet couple. Now I wait until the BIG trip to be scheduled for the medical screening and to meet the IPs (Intended Parents) in person. I hope everyone is as excited as I am.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tomorrow is the BIG day. . Well one of the BIG days.

So I completed my MMPI exam( I was very long with very random questions) . I have reviewed a file for IPs. My husband and I both agree that they seem perfect. BUT we find out tomorrow if they choose us. I have a dozen butterflies in my tummy waiting on the results. So I will let y'all know what the official verdict is tomorrow. . . . . Stay tuned :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Progress. . . . . . So Excited.

So since my last blog I have completed my social worker interview. My husband has completed his social worker interview. I have set up a date for my MMPI exam. AND I have been given a profile of possible IPs (I will not disclose their name) I have looked over their profile and pictures and we have agreed that they would be perfect. They seem so sweet and down to earth. Now we are just waiting to hear back to see if they would like us to be their surrogate. So I guess now we wait. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How it all started

My Journey to Their Miracle
Let me start off my blog by introducing myself. I am a wife, mother, and full time nurse. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. I have three wonderful children, Joslyn (9), Hunter (8), and Logan (4). I was blessed with 3 very uneventful pregnancy's and deliveries. I am an RN that works in Labor and Delivery and have the privilege of seeing babies be born daily. So that is a little bit about me and my family.
My Journey started on March 17,2013. I was sitting in my chair researching surrogacy and reading through many blogs and surrogate websites. When I was directed to Circle Surrogacy's website. I then started the process of the LONG application process. I was contacted very quickly by Jeni (she is awesome) and was told that I was approved and would be receiving a welcome packet via email very soon. At that time an overwhelming emotion came over me. I am going to be a surrogate. I am going to help a couple have a baby that can't. How awesome is that. . . . .
But let's first get past all the paper work. I finished the welcome packet paperwork. Sent all my medical releases in to have all my medical history and sent it back to them (I figured it would take the longest to get all my health history to them) So I was prepared to have along wait ahead of me. Went to have my yearly OB exam and have my OB clearance form approved. Sent all my insurance information in. And then the wait began. To me it seemed like an eternity(I'm kind of impatient).
Then I received a text on April 5, 2013 stating that they had received all my medical records and have been sent to the IVF physician to be reviewed. Next step Social worker screening. :) So I set up an appointment on 4-9-2013 for my social worker interview (and boy was I nervous) The interview went well and lasted 2 hours. She asked questions like "Tell me about your pregnancy's and Delivery's" to "How did you and your husband meet". So set my husbands social worker interview up for today at 3:00 eek so excited. Then it will be on to signing the final contract and being matched with the IPs.
So here is the beginning to my adventure as a surrogate. Stay tuned for more details.