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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Contracts. . . Medical screening . . . COMPLETE :)

John and I on the airplane
So I know that there has not been much to post lately but there really hasn't been much to report...until now. We have officially finished the contract phase. I feel like the contract phase went very slowly this time, but none the less it is done YEAH. The next step is the medical screening... oh wait I am pleased to say it is also complete.  :)

John and I traveled (location will be kept privately due to privacy reasons) to do the medical screening last week. We flew out Thursday evening and flew back home Friday evening. I tend to get slightly nervous when I am in a small space but I am proud to say that I did well on the airplane and didn't freak out. On the trip there everything went smoothly the only hiccup we had was on the way home we sit on the airplane in taxi for 60 minutes (that was slightly hard to keep my anxiety in check) but I did :)

At the medical screening we both had lab work done (they took 7 vials from me and a whopping 3 from him), we met with the Dr (I really did like him a lot), he went over the expectations and the procedure and of coarse my medical history. Then it was on to the saline sonogram (everyone who was around me knew how nervous I was about this because it was so painful the first time) well I am pleased to say it was pain free this time. He reported that the lining was nice and thin like expected and no fibroids. (My uterus came through for me again). After that we met with a super sweet nurse practitioner and she went over my medication schedule and the injections. As of right now we do not have a transfer date scheduled but hopefully we will know something in the next few weeks. They have to wait on all mine and Johns lab work to come back and make sure it is all normal.

Although it was a super quick trip we were able to spend some time with the IP and let me say they are truly amazing. They showed us around their home town and opened up their home to us. I feel like they are so easy to talk with which makes this journey so exciting. So the next phase will be to start the medication and schedule a transfer date. I will let everyone know when I find it out. Thank you guys for keeping us in your prayers with this journey.