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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A minor delay

So I know that with everything that is planned there are generally a set back or two at some point. But my journey was going so smoothly. Until now. . .

Well I found out yesterday that due to my TSH being 5.323 we might have to delay the transfer a month :( (this broke my heart. The IM and myself was so excited that the transfer was coming so quickly) The IVF physician said that she wants the level to be under 2.5 before we transfer. So the plan is continue to take my Synthroid for 4 weeks (Remember we increased it last week) and at the end of 4 weeks retest my labs and if my TSH is 2.5 or below then we can continue as scheduled. If not then we have to wait another month and retest. Its slightly frustrating because I feel like there is something that I should be doing to lower it and I can't do anything but take the medication and hope that my body cooperates. So everyone please say a prayer that the medication works and my levels are perfect.

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