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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Transfer

~Lets see where do I start. I am updating my blog from the hotel on my phone so if it looks weird that is why. I was going to wait until we got home but I am just to excited to wait.

~ So we were instructed to be at the hospital at 10:00am, to take my first valium then, an to drink 32 oz of water and NOT empty my bladder. Now let me insert here I have never taken a Valium before so I had no clue how it was going to make me feel. But after taking the Valium I have to say it was very similar to taking a few shots of tequila ( not that I would ever do that mom) 

~About 10:40 we were called back to the room and was instructed to take the second Valium and change into a gown, robe, socks, and hat.  Now I do believe the hard part was attempting to stand on one foot and put on my socks.  I hear you saying already "why didn't you just sit on the potty and put them on" well it was because I had to pee very bad and that would just be a tease. 

~ So I then went back to the holding room and my IM and I was taken to the transfer room which looked very similar to an OR. **there will be TMI things discussed in the remainder of this blog so turn back now if you can't handle it**

~Anyways so once we got into the room I was instructed to sit on the table and place my legs in stirrups. They used an ultrasound to make sure that my bladder was full enough and my uterus looked good. Once we got the two thumbs up. They inserted a speculum into my vagina like a Pap smear ( no pain at all). The embryologist then came in with the embryos and tell us how they looked. The embryo babies were in a very small catheter that was smaller in diameter than a straw. They used an abdominal ultrasound and told us to watch for the bright light.l and just 5 seconds later we could see the embryo babies placed perfectly into my comfy uterus. The embryologist then took the catheter back to make sure that all embryo babies were correctly placed and which they had. All 3 little embryos were placed correctly. What a special, emotional time this was. 

~ After it was complete I moved myself back into a recliner and was instructed to remain there for 10 min and then I could get up and pee. The 10 min flew by and the nurse came back and told us that I was able to get up and get dressed. After I was dressed she told us that was I and we were free to go. I thought for sure that I needed to stand on my head or something. She laughed and reassured us that I just needed to take it easy and relax the remainder if the day.

~ So we are suppose to return to the lab and have blood work in 2 weeks to confirm our pregnancy. (Speak things as though they are.... See mom you thought I never listened. ) So everyone please continue to say a prayer for us. 

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  1. You are such a remarkable woman and I'm so blessed to know you. It's nice to know that a family will be blessed with such a gift of life from a very selfless woman. You are truly giving a gift of love to someone who can't carry it. But God choose you to be there angel of joy I am praying for you and this family. Keep sharing Nicky and I will keep praying and supporting your journey.