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Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Finally that time

I know that it has been a week since I updated but I worked 4 12 hour shifts this week so I was slightly busy and tired. But here I am updating before we leave for Boston.

So my scheduled ultrasound was August 16th at 9am. I had to work that day 7am-7pm. So I was up and had a few hours to think about it. I was a nervous wreck waiting until the ultrasound since the whole trip determined by these results. I was told that the uterine lining at to be at least 7mm to continue with the transfer as scheduled. (No pressure right) 

The ultrasound was quick and easy and the ultrasound tech asked what my uterine lining had to be and when I replied 7mm she said "Good because it is 7.1mm" Eek!!!!! I mean how close can we get haha. But all I knew was I could finally take a deep breath because everything was going to be ok. I of coarse immediately texted my IM to let her know the wonderful news. Of coarse we were super exited that the time was finally here. After the ultrasound I returned to work and of coarse all my wonderful/supportive co-workers were waiting patiently on the news. And it made me smile so big to realize that they were just as excited as I was.

So let the planning began. It's was Friday and everything had to be booked and scheduled for Tuesday. Circle had my airplane tickets booked without a few hours. We fly out Tuesday am and get to Boston that evening. We will have the Transfer on Wednesday at 11:00am. I finally finished my Lupron injections which was a bittersweet milestone. Good to be done with them but that means it's time for the BIG DADDY needles. Yup your right I started that Progesterone in Oil injections. So as I sit here updating. I have yet to pack my bags but I promise it is on my list. :) So everyone please think of me and be in agreement that everything will go smoothly and we will have a baby or babies implanted and will remain all snuggly in my uterus for 10 wonderful months.

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