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Thursday, August 15, 2013

6 days until the Transfer

Yes you read that correctly. 6 days until the Transfer!!!!!! 5 days until we fly to Boston. 4 days until my kiddos start school, 3 days until my mom gets here and1 day until my ultrasound that determines everything. (so please say a prayer for me tomorrow around 9ish) Words cannot express how excited/nervous I am. When I started this journey 5 months ago this is the day I was waiting for. We have patiently did everything asked and with mild bumps passed everything with flying colors and was medically cleared. Now it is time to implant those beautiful babies into my comfy uterus and for him/her/or them to stay cozy for 40 long weeks :) and for my IPs to become parents that they so deserve.

I have been keeping myself busy so that the days would pass by quickly and I wouldn't just stare at the calendar everyday. Yesterday I finished up entering  some of the kids clothing in Rhea Lana and taking them up there. If you have never been to Rhea Lana it is the neatest thing. You go online register and enter your kids clothing and how much you are asking. When your done entering them you can choose to donate them or pick them up. Then you take them to the store and place them according to size and wait for it to open. Then they  mail you your check (Most the time I spent it there buying the kids more clothing). Like I said very awesome.

Today we get to take both kiddos to meet their teachers at school I officially have a middle schooler. (eek where did my little girl go), a 3rd grader, and a pre schooler. and my oldest son has baseball practice. Then BIG ultrasound tomorrow to find out my uterine lining. Work Saturday and Sunday. All 3 kiddos start school Monday and fly to Boston Tuesday!!!!!!! So everyone please keep my in your prayers and Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.

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