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Thursday, August 29, 2013

8 days down 6 days to go

The dreaded 2ww (week wait) that you will see everyone blog about. We spent months going day by day getting ready for the transfer. Planning each medication perfectly with the transfer date. Multiple ultrasounds to make sure everything looks perfect then the Transfer comes and goes and all you are waiting on is a simple blood test. Everything depends on it. No pressure right?

It seems like an easy 14 days. No biggie right. . . Oh my it's killing me!. So when I returned from Boston I knew that I had a busy work with all 3 kids going to school and me working. Not to mention Fall Baseball and Hunter's Traveling team. So I figured that alone would keep myself busy and the days would fly by, And they have. . .  . Until now. 7 days down. 7 days to go. Halfway point.

So you ask what has been going on with my body. I have had some mild cramping since the transfer, Def. hot flashes (gotta love the meds) and some killer bloating. But other than that it hasn't been bad. I pray everyday that these sweet babies have made a comfy spot and will remain in place.  This whole process has been teaching me that I really have to be more patient. So I take a deep breath in and out. And I keep repeating to myself. We are going to be pregnant. My wonderful IPs are going to finally have the baby they deserve. (Quit looking at me like that I swear I am not crazy). So that is what is going on right now. Please continue to pray for me and pray that the test results are perfect. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

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  1. I hear you! I'm in a 2ww right now. Come on Sept 3 let's get here! Good luck to you.