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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

22 days till the Transfer

Yes I am counting down the days. . . Can you tell that I am super excited. :) I have the calendar of my meds in my bathroom and I am counting down until T-day . Which seems to be coming quickly.

So I have been taking my Lupron  (the shot in the belly) every morning. I finished my last birth control pill Friday and as expected Aunt Flo came to visit this morning (Bright and early, like at 0600. I mean she could have waited a few more hours. :() But oh well that just means that my body is doing what it is suppose to and we are right on track.  I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning to get a baseline  of my uterine lining. After my ultrasound I start my baby aspirin daily and the vivelle patches.

So I know that right now my updates are not very exciting but we are getting so close. So everyone please continue to pray that everything goes smoothly as planned.

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