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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

August must be a special month

Ok I know that I have already posted today but I received more good news. So it looks like my Tentative schedule is
7/17 start new pack of BCP
7/22 Start Lupron injections (that's the one in the belly)
7/26 Last BCP
7/31 Baseline Ultrasound and start vivelle patches
8/17 Repeat ultrasound
8/21 Embryo transfer.!!!!!!! This is the BIG day!

So it looks like we will be flying to Boston around 8/19 or 8/20 and will probably be there until 8/22. I am so flipping exciting. It is not long at all until hopefully I have a baby or babies safely settled in my cozy uterus for 10 months. :)

Oh and did I mention that my Birthday is August 22! So like the heading stated. August is going to be such a special month this year.

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