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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And my TSH results are in. . . .

A quick recap: So when I first found out that my TSH was elevated at 9 I was very surprised because I have never had any problems with my Thyroid levels before. So I was put on medication and it slowly came down to 5 in 1 month. But that wasn't low enough. The IVF clinic wanted it to be 2.5 or below. So they increased my medication and told me to recheck the labs in 3-4 weeks.

I felt bummed like it was my fault that we were being set back a month. With the TSH I felt helpless. I had so many questions going through my head. How do you lower it faster? What am I doing wrong?. I can't just sit here and do nothing but take a pill everyday and that can't be it. But I wasn't doing anything wrong and there isn't anything more to do. So everyday I took my pill exactly as I was told to do and I prayed that my body would do what it was suppose to do and lower my TSH. 

So the day we were all waiting for came yesterday. I went and had my thyroid levels redrawn. I was a mess all-day yesterday awaiting the results. One minute i was like it will be fine they will be what they are suppose to. Then 5 min later i was like what if they are just not low enough and we have to wait another month. So I wake up this morning with THE call from my Dr office (The best way to wake up) . and my TSH was . . . . . . . . . 2.6. I was like OMGeee yes!. And then I was like wait that's not 2.5 or below, Will it be good enough.

So I emailed the IVF clinic to see what the final verdict was and after waiting what seemed like forever (actually about 3 hours) I got the email that stated that it was good enough and we were cleared to continue on the REAL cycle. I texted the IM and we both had a large moment. What we were waiting for is finally here. We can finally proceed.

So my last active BCP is tomorrow. The plan is I will skip the placebo pills and go right into another pack of BCP and that starts our REAL cycle. I just can't stop smiling. It finally here. :) Everyone please continue to pray that everything is going to go smoothly without anymore set backs.

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