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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Viva la Boston

I am actually typing this en route to Boston on the airplane :) so this time around due to personal reasons my husband could not attend with me. So what's better than bringing my best friend and having a girls get away and mini catch up session. Although I am super excited about seeing MJ This will be my first time flying solo and anyone who knows me knows how VERY nervous and slightly anxious about it. I am leaving from bentonville and heading to Houston to meet her then together we are en route to Boston. 

My husband helped me get my bag checked in and then he saw me off. I made it though security and got on  the plan and only had 1 almost "moment" but I didn't and I have to say we are half way to Houston and it's not so bad. Seeing the sun rise from this angle is beautiful. It makes me look back on its surrogate journey thus far. Starting to journey I was terrified of getting shots- overcame that, terrified of flying - overcame that. It has been a real growing experience and I get tearful just thinking about it. 

I get the question all the time " Why would you go though all of this just to be pregnant for someone else" And my answer is simple. " why not" I personally felt a strong calling to be a surrogate and I knew it was something that I was called to do. Some people don't understand and will never understand but that's ok. It does not hurt my feelings. Just know that is so important to me. I have been an open book throughout this journey and will always continue to be. I answer any questions honestly that people ask and I feel that overall I have everyone's support and that is all I ask. 

Saying that I realized I never told y'all the T day. tomorrow.... Yup that's right 10/25/13. That is our transfer day and I couldn't be more excited. More details to come ....about to land

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