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Friday, August 7, 2015

Step 1 complete.....onto step 2.

So there is not a lot to update at this point. We have been working on all of the initial paperwork. Although I am a returning surrogate the still have to redo a lot of the paperwork. We had to updated my original application and change a few things that I do not want this time around. We are almost done with that and then we will be onto the next step...Legal department.

So I said that doing this blog I will be honest and I guess I need to be 100% honest. I have kinda of been dragging my feet through the paperwork stage because I was having second thoughts with doing another journey. So I had to sit down and try to figure out why. I think I have finally figured it out. The reason why I want to be a surrogate again is to help a sweet couple have a baby that they would otherwise not be able to. I want to develop that bond and go through this pregnancy with someone who is just as excited as me. This sounds silly but I want that special experience that everyone talks about. So why was I feeling so conflicted about it. Well this is what I came up with.....

I am more worried about what other people will think about me than what I want. Will they think I am crazy for doing it again? Will they think I am just in it for the money? That's when I realized that I was considering not doing it again for all of the wrong reasons. Why do I care so much what other people think. It is me and my family (and some friends) who have to deal with me pregnant again. My family and friends are supportive of it so I think that is what truly matters. My support system. So I want to thank everyone in advance for all of your support that you have given in the past and will continue to give.


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