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I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years this November. I have three energetic kiddos ages 12,10, and 6. I have had one successful gestational surrogate experience and am currently working on journey #2..

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's been way to long

So I have been meaning to get on here and blog but it seems like I have been so busy lately with work and my kids baseball. So due to legal reasons I am not allowed to discuss my previous surrogacy journey in detail but I do plan on hitting some highlights that I faced, so I was thinking how about we start fresh with a new journey. Yup you heard me correctly I am signing up to be a surrogate again!!!! But this time I am determined to blog the entire journey so that I can share this journey with all of you. I am currently in the beginning phase of the process and am just now filling out the application but I am so excited that I wanted to let everyone know so that you can be looking for future blogs. EEk I am so excited to be back again.

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