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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Do you like me?

As many of you remember from the first journey this is not a quick process. It has many steps. Some go very quickly and some not so much. So the initial application process is complete. The initial contract phase is complete. The phone interview phase is complete.  

John (my husband) and I at a baseball tournament.
Now onto the fun part, the matching process. This is how the typical matching process works.  Circle( the company that I am using) will send me a potential couple's (IP) profile and send them my profile. We both review it and decide yes or no that we would like to move forward. Now matter how secure I find myself this phase always makes me so nervous. I find myself thinking "Will they like me?" "Will my profile show what type of person me and my family are?" "Will they think that I am good enough"  I know it seem silly but I still do it. I get butterflies in my tummy and all. I have been praying that I will be matched with the perfect couple.

So I received a potential IP couple profile by email on Thursday afternoon. John and I looked over it and talked about it and we think that they are perfect. (Due to legal reasons I am not allowed to disclose any of their information) But take my word for it they seem to be what I am looking for. So this couple has decided that they do not want to view the potential surrogate's profile until their IVF clinic has approved me. So now I am just waiting on the clinic to approve my file. When I get word I will let everyone know :) It is so exciting to be able to have all of you to share this journey with this time.

So that is my surrogate journey update now how about a life update :) We have all been busy with getting 3 kids ready to start school. I officially have a 1st grader, 5th grader, and a 7th grader (I am not sure when she grew up but I have a child in Jr high this year!) We have almost everything ready for them to start school Tuesday. We have bought school supplies and new clothes. We have met their teachers and toured the schools (yes they will all be in different schools this year). I have been busy today trying to make sure their rooms and clothes are clean. Now I just need to meal plan and grocery shop and I will officially be ready. So that's all I have today for you guys.

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  1. I think its an amazing unselfish very noble thing your doing! I know some special couple is going to be so happy!