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Monday, April 22, 2013

We are Matched. We are Matched. We are Matched.

So I received the good news that we are officially Matched!!! yeah.  The IPs are so sweet and so much like us. I think we will forsure become lifelong friends. I have been set up with a Journey Coordinator who will help me to schedule trips and set things up during this journey. Let's see the next BIG step is to fly (which I am slightly nervous about. I have not been on an airplane since my mission trip to Romania. eek so just say a prayer for me) to Boston for my medical screening and signing the final carrier agreement between me and the IPs. The Medical Screening consist of Blood work from me and my husband and ultrasound. Oh and the most important part. . . . . .Meeting the IPS in person. How exciting is that.!!!

Q&A time: I will try to answer some of the questions that people have asked me:
-I have had many people ask the question "How are you not going to be attached to the baby" That question I cannot answer since this is my first journey but I can say that I have prayed about this long before I decided to do this.  I have the pleasure of going through this journey with an awesome couple that are unable to do this on their own. Just call me the babies first babysitter :) I cannot wait for the IPs to see their first positive pregnancy test, babies first picture on ultrasound, and of coarse see their face when they get to see and hold THEIR baby at delivery.  I mean the thought of all this just literally makes me smile just thinking about it.

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