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Friday, December 4, 2015

Its all coming together perfectly

I have so much to tell you guys that I don't even know where to start. So first of all we are officially medically cleared and approved to begin the cycle. Well actually we were medically cleared about 2 weeks ago(I know I am way behind on updating you). So typically from the time that you are approved to start the cycle till the transfer is kinda a whirl wind because of all the lab work, ultrasounds, and medication that changes weekly. So I will try to catch you up and not leave anything out.
-I got the thumbs up to stop taking my birth control pills on 11/20.
-On 11/23 I had to go have a baseline ultrasound of my uterine lining (it is suppose to be thin at this point) and lab work. The ultrasound and lab work come back and was perfect. So I started taking Estrace twice a day and a baby aspirin once a day on 11/24 in addition to my prenatal vitamins and Levothyroxine (5 pills daily so far).
-On 11/30 I had repeat lab work to make sure that my estrogen and progesterone levels were normal. They returned perfect again (YEAH). That night I started taking the Estrace 2 tablets twice a day (7 pills a day).

So that catches us up to present day. My next step is lab work and ultrasound (they want my uterine lining to be nice and thick at this point) on 12/7/15. Depending on the results of this lab work will determine if we will continue with transfer on 12/17. YUP that's right we are planning on an embryo transfer in less than 2 weeks away!!!! WHEN (because my mom always said speak things as though they are) the results come back normal we will have a alot of medication changes and trip planning. So everyone stay tuned until Monday. 

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