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Friday, September 18, 2015

Baby steps

I have noticed with this process that you have to have a lot of patience. There is a lot of stop and go and sometimes even two steps forward and one step back. But it is all part of the experience. As my parents use to say growing up "It builds character".

But the good news is we have a Medical screening date next month. They have called in the birth control and I have picked it up just waiting on my monthly friend to visit (at the beginning of October) What the medical screening consist of is I will fly to the IVF clinic with John and they draw blood, do a saline sonogram (not excited about this part), and do education on injections (its standard part but I do believe I got that part). But I am most excited about meeting the IP's in person! I have been able to text and face time with them and they seem so nice and easy to get along with.

So after the medical screening we will fly back home and wait on the contract to be finalized and for the IVF clinic to give us a transfer calendar. So although it seems like not much is happening there is slow forward steps happening.

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